3D Printing Meetups are 3D print learning and exploration sessions. The meetups are completely free and take place at public venues, such as libraries and community centres. Open to curious minds of all ages, these sessions are an opportunity to learn more about 3D printing from experts. Meetups are also a good place to connect and socialize with others who have similar interests. Notably, one of the best parts of these meetups is being able to get hands-on experience the machines themselves, the 3D printers.

On a few occasions recently, some of our employees attended the 3D Printing Meetup at the Brampton Library. The organizers of the meetup offered an informative and easy to follow presentation on 3D printing, including the process involved in making a 3D print from computer to printer. We learned about some of the free resources available to design 3D prints online (e.g. Tinkercad). We were also able to converse with some of the intermediate 3D printer professionals and exchange experiences we’ve had with 3D printing. There were five 3D printers on site, so we were also able to see what other attendees were printing, in addition to printing our own souvenir – a 3D printed Pikachu! The meetups were really enjoyable and educational experiences.

Overall, the meetups are definitely something we would recommend if you or anyone you know is interested in obtaining hands-on experience with 3D printers, as well as learning some of the ins and outs of 3D printing.

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