Laminating is utilized to add transparent coverage to a substrate in order to provide strength, protection and durability. Protection is achieved through encapsulating the item in the laminating film. Lamination can also enhance the appearance of a project and increase its lifespan.

Laminating film is available in both rolls and in sheets, and accordingly there are laminating machines for both types. For larger items such as posters, a roll laminator will need to be used. For smaller items, such as business cards, pouch laminating machines are appropriate.

Laminating can be applied through different techniques, including hot and cold lamination.

Hot Lamination
- Item is sealed within laminating film using heat
- Commonly used for high volume lamination (e.g. 100+ pieces)
- Examples include bookmarks, tags, membership cards
- Preferable for substrates that can withstand heat (e.g. paper)

Cold Lamination
- Item is sealed in laminating film using adhesive
- Sometimes used for single side lamination such as posters, banners and floor signs
- Applied to substrate using pressure sensitive films
- Usually small volume laminating
- Can be used to laminate substrates that cannot withstand thermal laminating

The type of machine and film you use will depend on what you need laminated. HOP carries a variety of Laminating Film and Laminators suitable for all kinds of projects!